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Meet Beth

Who I am

As an executive coach and leadership consultant, everything I do supports a singular mission: To multiply the contribution of creative and purpose-driven professionals like you.

Through close collaboration, we work to connect what’s unique about you to the results you’d like to see, while helping you overcome barriers along the way. You stand taller. You stop fighting yourself and doubting yourself. You learn to show up more consistently in the zone that lets you Get ‘Er Done.*

Clients often work in the arts, advertising, tech, engineering and wellness. The industry, however, is less important than knowing two key things about yourself: You want your work to have more meaning than a paycheck. You know you could be a force for greatness, if you could just get the pieces to fall into place.

(*”Er” being all the things you know are possible, like enacting your vision, having a team that lives to collaborate, or being invited to solve challenges that make you shout, “YES!”)

What I Believe

I believe in your capacity to be an exceptional leader who participates in making the world a better place.

The adage that leaders are born, not made, is mostly myth. Leaders are made the same way anything great comes into being: Through awareness, elbow grease, courage and persistence.

In working with executives from over 35 countries across countless industries, I have also come to believe that everyone is creative. But here’s the irony: It takes just as much creative energy to hide from your potential as it does to blaze the trail that connects your authentic self to your work.

The greatest act of creativity is to know yourself well enough to be able to choose how you show up, every day, every moment. The greatest act of leadership is to confront yourself and others with this exquisite freedom to choose.

We are living at an amazing time of both possibility and challenge, with the knowledge that we are all connected. Everything we do affects everyone and everything. To be truly connected is to accept that there is no such thing as zero impact.

Positive impact begins with an intentional choice to care about the well-being of something bigger than yourself–be it your team, organization, community, or a specific mission in the world at large. It is the culmination of your creativity, choice and accountability.

It is my honor and delight to help you find your place in the world through the work you do. Your part matters. Big time. (And you know that, too, or you wouldn’t be here.)

The difference with Beth is that she has a gift to get people to be authentic.

The Backstory

My corporate background has given me an unconventional blend of communication, problem-solving and intercultural experience to bring to coaching, training and group facilitation.

I began my career in New York as a copywriter for Chiat/Day, and have created ad campaigns for IBM, Reebok, American Express, Dove skin care and various non-profits.

About a decade in, I realized that many of my peers felt stagnant and uninspired, despite being in a creative industry. The path for growth was hazy at best, and ironic at the very least: You climbed the ladder by being an expert soloist, yet the reward was being thrown a stable of people to manage, usually without being given any training or support.

It was through wrestling with the frustration of this very challenge that I discovered a passion for using my creativity to help others grow and succeed. Holding a spark of inspiration, the idealism of youth and a solid three-year plan, I pitched an idea to the president of advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather: I wanted to build a culture of learning by introducing various training and employee engagement initiatives across the 1,800-person New York organization. His response? “Make it happen.”

In the 20 years since, I’ve never looked back. My last corporate role was based in Hong Kong as the Regional Manager of training and people development for 5,000+ employees in Ogilvy’s Asia/Pacific network. Following Hong Kong, I ran my own consulting practice in Shanghai for four years, coaching Chinese and Western executives and entrepreneurs.

I hold a Bachelor of Journalism in advertising from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and have returned twice as an Associate Professor to teach graduating seniors and Master’s candidates. I have a Professional Certified Coach credential and am certified in numerous assessments and coaching tools.

Personal Certifications:
Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
Certified Life Coach (CLC), Coach for Life
The Leadership Circle Profile, certified practitioner
The Leadership System, certified practitioner
Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9): accredited practitioner
The Enneagram Institute: 250+ hours of study
Matrix Leadership Institute: certified practitioner
Art of Alignment: certified practitioner
Meyers-Briggs accredited

Beth has the keen ability to synthesize a challenge and provide practical solutions. Her leadership style is collaborative; she leads leveraging her head and her heart.


I enjoy hiking Colorado’s beautiful trails, doing yoga, and taking in fine and performing arts.

In the kitchen, I love making homemade ice cream and jams. I admit to a mild obsession with bats and all things Edward Gorey. And after years of living overseas, travel remains a passion. (I once took a year-long sabbatical that covered four continents and 63,000 miles!) I’m blessed to have a large, far-flung family: As an adult, I launched a successful adoption reunion search and found my birth parents and over a dozen family members, including a Chinese ballerina propagandist grandmother. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

Co-Founder, Leadership Circle Profile Colorado community of practice
Co-Founder, The Shanghai Coaching Circle professional interest group
Former adjunct professor, U of Missouri-Columbia Journalism School
Colorado Business Committee for the Arts: Leadership Arts grad, 2016
Children’s Hospital Colorado, Prescription Pet therapy dog volunteer
Former wildlife monitor, Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks Division

Meet the Team

Amy Kingsford, Client Care Specialist

Amy is the force of nature who shores up all aspects of coaching and programming. She describes herself as a “left-brained creative” and has spent the last decade supporting the right-brained to keep tasks, timelines and communication on track. She loves crossing off to-dos, the smell of rain and a good slice of pizza. Feel free to reach out to Amy if you need help with scheduling, payment or a dose of practical optimism:

Paul Wyman, Enneagram Facilitator & Executive Coach

Paul & Beth are teaching partners for “Circles of Wisdom,” a body of work that blends the Enneagram and the Leadership Circle Profile. Paul is a Denver-based executive coach and coach supervisor who has been coaching and working with the Enneagram for over twenty years. He is also the current co-chair of the Denver-Boulder TLCP Community of Practice. When not reading about adult developmental psychology or Enneagram patterns, he can be found cycling in the mountains, writing and attempting to find the right Monty Python quotation to fit the moment.

Kathy Jankowski, Conscious Workplace Facilitator & Philanthropy Advisor

Kathy and Beth are teaching partners and co-collaborators for workshops on the Instincts and non-profit leadership. Kathy lives in the Washington DC area and helps organizations cultivate stability and growth through practices of mindfulness and presence. She’s a seasoned expert in philanthropy, including program development, research, grantsmanship, communications, and database design. Kathy is a super-connector of people and a synthesizer of big ideas. She brings depth of purpose and discernment to all she touches.

Ollie, Mascot & Minister of Fun

If you’re ever on a call with Beth and hear the distinct sound of a squeaky toy, you’ll know Ollie is in the house. Born in Shanghai, he still knows all his tricks in Mandarin. He makes regular therapy dog rounds at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and reminds his humans when they’re working too hard. Big-hearted, bossy and ever-sunny, if Ollie were a coach, he’d specialize in self-esteem.

You have an extraordinary talent to free the wheels, shake up perspective and old habit, and somehow help people to a place in themselves that surprises. Thank you.

Arnie JacobsonFounding Partner / QRC (Qualitative Research Centre)

Ready to Kick It up a Notch?

Schedule a free consultation and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together: You bring your toughest challenges and most audacious goals. I’ll listen, prod (gently) and map out an initial strategy to get you where you want to go.