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Circles of Wisdom:

A Closer Look at the Enneagram & the Leadership Circle Profile

Boulder, Colorado / Summer 2019

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An Invitation to a Special Retreat for Practitioners of The Leadership Circle Profile™

Join your peers for a 3-day experience of personal transformation as a foundation for expanding your capacity to serve.

Activate the wisdom of the Enneagram in your coaching presence, and unlock new paths of transformation for your TLCP clients.

As a Leadership Circle Profile practitioner, you know your profile results. You may also know your Enneagram type–or at the very least, you’ve heard mention of the Enneagram as a theoretical input for the TLCP model. But how exactly do these two systems complement each other? What is your unique “dance” as you move between your Enneagram type’s patterns of safety and stress, and your TLCP patterns of creativity and reactivity? And what is the impact on your coaching presence and the journey of transformation for the clients you serve?

As we explore the Enneagram together, you will:
Increase understanding of your Enneagram type as you gain insight into your type’s subconscious patterns of motivation
Explore the ways in which core components of Enneagram theory are “baked in” to the TLCP model
Witness dynamic patterns of movement in both your Enneagram type and your TLCP profile. (Spoiler alert: It’s not as random as you think!)
Open rich veins of coaching inquiry for working with your clients’ TLCP results

Ancient Wisdom. Practical Methods.

“Who You are is How You Coach”

–Edna Murdoch
Explore the ways your Enneagram type’s motives, fears, desires and defenses manifest in the way you coach, consult and relate.

Explore New Paths of Movement

Discover the points of congruence and the dynamic interplay between the Enneagram and The Leadership Circle Profile.

Your Circles of Wisdom Weekend Includes

Pre-Retreat Consultation

A 30-minute conversation with Paul or Beth to share your intentions and questions, or to clarify your Enneagram type as needed.

3-Day Retreat

With time for dialogue, reflection, experiential exercises and integration in the beauty and wonder of Boulder’s Chautauqua Park.


A wholesome breakfast and lunch will be served each day.


Day 1

Our session begins with a morning walking meditation in Chautauqua Park. Today’s agenda focuses on understanding the Enneagram, with exercises to “try on” each of the nine types

Day 2

Full-day session with midday lunch break. We finish an overview of the nine Enneatypes, and transition after lunch to the points of commonality and distinction between the Enneagram and TLCP 360.

Day 3

Full-day session with midday lunch break. We will focus on the application of both systems–for your own growth, and for your use with clients. The learning deepens via TLCP mat work and peer coaching.

Give Back to Yourself in a Community of Trusted Peers

Nurture your transformation in a space of safety, respect and the mutual support of others who wish to lead and live more intentionally. Through honoring group and individual practices, we will:
Continue to deepen our connection as a community of committed practitioners
Create new spaces of self-awareness and self-compassion, in witness of each other
Expand the common language and frameworks we share to include the Enneagram
Foster appreciation of the diversity of gifts we bring as professionals, collaborators and friends

The Scoop: Who-What-When


Circles of Wisdom is open to all TLCP practitioners. While certification is not required, participants are expected to be conversant with the terminology and constructs of the The Leadership Circle Profile. No prior experience with the Enneagram is needed. If you do not know your Enneagram type, we encourage you to take the RHETI or the iEQ9 assessment. Those with extensive experience in both systems are welcome to join this exploration of the ways in which they enhance each other. We welcome all to hold the Enneagram as a system of psychological and spiritual transformation; our approach is non-denominational.


The Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark, 900 Baseline Road, Boulder, CO 80302.

Meeting Room:

The Grand Assembly Hall of the Community House

To learn more about Chautauqua’s beauty and unique heritage, click here.


Lodging is not included. If you are traveling to join us, you may wish to reserve a cabin within the Chautauqua grounds. For information about lodging, please click here.


Limited to 25 participants.


Early-bird: $995

Regular Price: $1195

Refund policy:

50% refund for cancellation up to 45 days prior to event. We are unable to offer refunds after the cancellation deadline.


On completion, you’ll receive a certificate for 20 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours in resource development.

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About the Enneagram

The Enneagram is an ancient symbol that represents nine different personality types, each of which moves in dynamic, yet predictable patterns that are motivated by a set of basic fears and basic desires.
While we may feel we’re an amalgamation of various personality types at one time or another, there is one type that is our definitive base camp. Determining our type and understanding the full spectrum of types can greatly enhance the nature of our relationships—to ourselves, to others and to our place in the world.
The modern day Enneagram is the product of contemporary psychology, although it has links to ancient Greece and consolidates thousands of years of spiritual wisdom including early Christianity, Sufism, and the
Kabbalah. As a tool for practice, the Enneagram is non-denominational. Its overarching premise is that we are spiritual beings in material form; it attempts to show us our divinity and humanity, as well as to enlighten the ways we consistently block our divine nature.
Rather than being a system that puts people into “boxes” of personality type, the Enneagram teaches us that the personality structure itself is a box, and when combined with self-awareness and mindful reflection, it gives us a blueprint for transcending the box of personality.

The Enneagram is useful because it indicates with startling clarity certain constellations of meaning about something that is essentially beyond definition: the mystery that we are.


Meet the Facilitators

Paul Wyman, Enneagram Facilitator & Executive Coach

Paul & Beth are teaching partners for “Circles of Wisdom,” a body of work that blends the Enneagram and the Leadership Circle Profile. Paul is a Denver-based executive coach and coach supervisor who has been coaching and working with the Enneagram for over twenty years. He is also the current co-chair of the Denver-Boulder TLCP Community of Practice. When not reading about adult developmental psychology or Enneagram patterns, he can be found cycling in the mountains, writing and attempting to find the right Monty Python quotation to fit the moment.

Beth Ronsick

Beth is an international coach, trainer and wing (wo)man for an emerging generation of leaders. She has worked with executives from over 35 countries and specializes in helping the creative and purpose-driven: those who are wired to problem-solve, and who are deterimined to leave the world better than they found it. Prior to coaching, she worked in advertising in New York and Hong Kong, first as a writer, and later as a training and development specialist. She has completed 250+ hours of study through the Enneagram Institute’s programs and co-founded the Denver-Boulder TLCP Community of Practice. She loves yoga, bats, making homemade ice cream, and taking in live music and fine art.

Questions About Your Enneagram Type?

As part of registration, you’ll receive a pre-workshop type consultation with Beth or Paul. If you are new to the Enneagram or wish to re-confirm your type, click below to be taken to the Enneagram Institute’s assessment page.