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Leadership & Team Development

Transfrom personal creativity into collective contribution

Our group programs blend personal growth with the skills to collaborate effectively as a team. We believe that small groups are the most powerful units of transformation within organizations, and we specialize in working with groups of 3-12 people in multiple sessions over time. Each individual is seen and valued for their unique contribution in a zone of trust and rich dialogue that leads to a shared sense of vision, ownership and action.

Leadership & Team Development Services

Multi-session leadership development programs
Custom-designed team retreats and signature training programs
Leadership culture surveys
Peer-to-peer & group coaching
Facilitation of innovation sessions and high-stakes meetings
Assessment-based team building

Our Favorite Leadership Programs

Promise of Leadership™

The Promise of Leadership is the launchpad for developing leaders who can navigate increasingly complex and changing environments. The core of our work centers around The Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 assessment that quickly and elegantly maps each participant’s patterns of strength, as well as the beliefs and tendencies that hinder effectiveness. As a group, we develop a shared language for outcome-focused leadership as we explore the competencies that drive improved business performance. Peers help each other to create action plans that can be applied immediately. This program ranges from 3-6 months and is particularly effective when paired with individual coaching. It is appropriate for managers through the C-suite level.

Leadership Culture Transformation

While it’s easy to think of the culture of an organization as “just how it is around here,” courageous leadership demands that we realize our own role in creating the dynamic that exists. Using the Leadership Culture Survey, your leadership team will benchmark the culture you want to create against your current culture. You’ll also have the option to survey other teams or employee clusters to understand how they perceive the environment your team creates. The survey is followed by a series of group coaching sessions to identify paths and practices that shift your team away from reactive, knee-jerk tendencies, and toward an intentional, outcome-focused leadership culture. Time frames range from 3-6 months.

The Emerging Leader

This 6-8 month program shifts managers who perform well into leaders who empower themselves and others. Your group will select from a menu of skill-building training modules that increase personal effectiveness with tools to use on-the-job. Between each skill module, group coaching sessions enhance peer learning as participants share what’s working and what’s not. The result is a network of skills, relationships and collective problem-solving that begins to shape a new reality in the workplace. While this program is appropriate for both intact and cross-functional teams, it can also be adapted as a high-potential, nomination-based training program to offer across your organization.

Ready to Kick It up a Notch?

Schedule a free consultation and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together: You bring your toughest challenges and most audacious goals. I’ll listen, prod (gently) and map out an initial strategy to get you where you want to go.