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Executive Coaching

Ignite the leader you know you can be

Whether you choose a customized engagement or one of our classic packages, all programs are designed to help you become consistent in creating the relationships and results that matter most. Coaching gives you a safe space to unpack your role, goals and expectations with a trusted, objective advisor. You’ll gain a clear picture of how you show up, as well as a direct understanding of the impact your leadership has on others. You’ll start practicing new ways to lead that optimize your strengths, while you let go of the strategies and beliefs that diminish your contribution.

Phases of a Customized Coaching Engagement

Phase 1: Set the Foundation

We set up the engagement to succeed in an initial meeting of the coach, coachee and the sponsors or stakeholders who are invested in your career development.
Clarify the need: Why coaching? Why now? What’s possible?
Set coaching objectives: Commit them to a shared written plan.
Define metrics & milestones: So we know when we’ve achieved the objectives
Set expectations: Establish timeline and communication flow for you and your sponsors

Phase 2: Assess & Discover

It’s time for a closer look. In this phase, you gain feedback and fresh perspective on how you are leading.
Self-assessment: Receive discovery questions to stimulate exploration of your beliefs & values
Feedback: Learn how others perceive your leadership via The Leadersip Circle Profile 360 assessment or stakeholder interviews
Additional assessments may be completed depending on the your objectives (e.g. conflict-style profiling)
Existing data can also be integrated, for example, recent performance reviews or other assessment results.

Phase 3: Get Moving

This is where the magic happens. Through regular, confidential 1:1 meetings, we work to accomplish your objectives:
In an environment of deep listening and curiosity, you elicit new ideas, insights and solutions
You get in-the-moment clarity on the impact of your beliefs and actions
We course-correct as needed so you can amplify strengths and bring choice to challenges
We co-design homework and an action-plan to reinforce practice and growth between sessions

Phase 4: Map Progress

At an appropriate interval, we set up a progress checkpoint for you and your sponsor(s) to take stock:
What progress have you made? What achievements do we want to celebrate?
Based on progress, are there new or ongoing development opportunities ahead?
If we want to continue coaching, what adjustments to the objectives or metrics are needed?
If we feel the engagement is complete, are there resources we can identify to sustain or augment growth?

Classic Coaching Packages

Blind Spot Breakthrough

A three-month package that uses The Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment to pinpoint and unblock the specific patterns of action and belief that keep you from moving onward and upward. Applicable for mid-level managers through C-suite leaders.

Emerging Leader Success Package

A six- to 12-month package that guides high-performers with 5-10 years of experience through the critical transition from individual contributor to interdependent team leader.

Authentic Leader Transformation

A 12-18 month program for senior leaders who are committed to the practice of conscious, intentional leadership. It includes: The Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment. Mastering your inner game. Authoring a vision based on values and strengths. Enacting strategies for cross-functional trust and accountability. Mapping your leadership legacy.

Ready to Kick It up a Notch?

Schedule a free consultation and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together: You bring your toughest challenges and most audacious goals. I’ll listen, prod (gently) and map out an initial strategy to get you where you want to go.