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What We Do

A Preview of the Most
In-Demand Services

What We Do

A Preview of the Most
In-Demand Services

Multiple paths. A singular point of view.

Whether you’re interested in individual coaching or group programs, my commitment is to bring you the tools, strategies and no-nonsense coaching support you need to lead well without compromising who you are.
All services are designed to shift both your inner game (self-awareness) and your outer game (choices and actions). Because the inner game drives the outer game, it’s no longer enough to simply “skill up.” A full shift in consciousness is needed. We like to think of it as upgrading your personal operating system in order to keep pace and stay relevant.

Executive Coaching

Ignite the leader you know you can be

You’re ready to make a bigger dent in the universe. Great…so what’s holding you back? Get clear on your genius, get curious about your blind spots and remove the barriers to exceptional performance.

Who benefits from executive coaching?

Mid- and senior-level employees

who are great individual contributors, but who must learn to foster team play in order to be promotable

Executives who need to improve

relationship soft skills, especially building trust and influence and decreasing conflict

Executives who have performed well, but

feel they’ve maxed out and lack objective feedback and context to keep growing

Leaders who have taken on bigger roles

with higher stakes, and who want to map out an intentional success strategy

C-suite and senior leaders

who want to cultivate a culture of vision and values that inspires ownership and commitment

Global leaders in matrix environments

that cut across functions, geographies and/or cultures

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Leadership & Team Development

Transfrom personal creativity into collective contribution

Whether you’re called to the transformative journey of leadership, or need tips to perform better as a team today, all programs are designed to work on parallel tracks: We work individual and collective growth simultaneously, with learning that continues beyond the classroom via peer networks.

I help teams who face one or more of these challenges:

You operate in silos, and are missing out on

the innovation and results that naturally occur when people share knowledge and ideas

You’re a newly formed team

(or have added team members) and have a short window of time to develop the deeper trust that greases the skids of ownership and high-performance

You’re bogged down by conflict and need to

build a constructive culture of openness, feedback and collaboration

Your team is unaware of their role

in the organization’s challenges and their ability to empower themselves as change agents in your culture

You’ve had sporadic training, but

have not invested in the cohesive development of future leaders who can drive strategy and direction

You lack clear goals and vision,

or conversely, you have clear goals and vision, but lack commitment and accountability

Your team is performing well, but

you have hefty goals or challenges ahead, and you know you need a new way of working to keep pace with complexity

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Career Navigation

Make the right choices at the right time

Should you stay or should you go? How do you start over when there’s no roadmap? What’s at stake?

While every client’s story is unique, here are a few of the reasons Career Navigation may be the right choice, right now:
You’ve come to a crossroad: Can you reinvent your current job, or is it time to move on?
You’re a high achiever questioning “success”: Does your career fit in with a bigger picture of overall life satisfaction?
You’re considering a career change, but the fear of taking the first step is as strong as the pull toward something new
You want to do long-range planning to map out the roles and experiences that will culminate in a rewarding career portfolio and a distinctive professional legacy
You’re cruising headlong toward burnout, and need to pause, re-balance and figure out what you really want
You’ve been dreaming of a sabbatical to travel, pursue an interest or to simply take time off; it seems it can never be more than a dream
You’re an expatriate who wants to optimize the career opportunities available in your new overseas destination
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Ready to Kick It up a Notch?

Schedule a free consultation and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together: You bring your toughest challenges and most audacious goals. I’ll listen, prod (gently) and map out an initial strategy to get you where you want to go.